Thursday, August 6, 2009

Returning to Homeostasis

...everything lied, stank of lies; they were all illusions of sense, happiness and beauty. The world tasted bitter. Life was pain.

The peace of an emptied heart.

Tao Te Ching
Recognize beauty and ugly is born. Recognize good and evil is born.

Conquering others takes force.
Conquering yourself is true strength

The most fruitful outcome
Does not depend on force,
But succeeds without arrogance
Without hostility
Without pride
Without resistance
Without violence.
{ how very aiki ; ) }

Calm the muddy water, it becomes clear.

Without fundamental trust there is no trust at all.

Be careful in valuing words.


  1. so great... so helpful... i want to look more into Buddhism.. ima keep reading ... i like plus the bob track was very classic! ; ) - federico

  2. Thanks Fed! I only just saw this comment, as you can see I haven't had time to post/find anything cool worth sharing.
    Email me if you want any book recomendations for Buddhism.