Friday, March 6, 2009

Since I keep losing the lists where I write this kind of stuff...

I have given in... but merely for my own organization of the stuff I find fascinating one day and meaningless the next. Lately I have been writing down, and then losing, 1 or 2 beautifully written sentences from the Japanese literature I have been reading. The stories are mostly lyrical, plotless, and depressing as they all take places immediately after WWII during the occupation.

Suddenly sad for all the children who were denied sunlight because of the War, I was sad too for the life that had gone from me during the War. I wondered if it would be reborn into something somewhere.

Human beings had become lost, but nature was in full bloom. Shutaro could thus still believe that eventually life would rise again from these ashes. (Kon, Hidemi)

Not the happiest time in history but some amazing art came out of that time. For example, the Maruki couple. Ishi and Tohei Maruki married and create art together, is there really any way to be closer to your partner than to create something? Maybe that is where the desire to breed comes in, but let's face it, art takes more talent than conception.

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