Monday, March 16, 2009

Seminar with Doran Sensei

Ok what can I remember after this year's weekend seminar with Doran Sensei

basic principles of any technique:

1. take the center/take the mind
2. kazuchi
3. maintain own balance- this seems obvious but doesn't always happen, especially for me. I have however gotten better at noticing and taking advantage of when nage is off center especially when throwing

Irimi nage training exercise

There were 4 exercises that scaffolded upon each other to lead up to a nice irimi nage. I found this profoundly helpful as I really struggle with this technique. Unfortunately I can only remember 2 of them right now, both of which are very reminiscent of tai chi movements.

Rank = nothing

Seminars afford plenty of opportunities to train with yudansha that I don't know and that don't know how much I suck. My lack of skills quickly becomes apparent and then I get these black belt wearing strangers telling me how to do what it is we are "supposed" to be doing. The thing is, that while I appreciate a helpful word when I am totally lost, many of the suggestions I was given were rather off the mark. The point of going to a seminar by a sensei other than your own is to see things done differently than you usually do them. Apparently this idea is lost on a lot of people. But being the non confrontational and all around pleasant person that I am, I simply smiled and thanked them for their suggestions, and then a few times had Doran Sensei come over and correct the very thing my partner had told me to do. Sigh...

More to come

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