Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Just do this 1,000 times, then do it a bit faster..."

My thoughts from training this morning:

Forget the hands, affect the center
Receive force in the legs to avoid whiplash
Don't push against the wall
Each move should have multiple possibilities for strikes or control, MOVE ON when something does not work.
Time to start drinking extra water again!

Honestly these are the same ideas that I take away from almost every class, and yet it's almost never the same. It is my plan to continually add to and review this list often in an attempt to actually get better at aikido (what a concept). I had a little notebook in my gi bag but it got sweaty and the ink ran. Gross.

Each of these ideas/principals could easily be describing how to deal with a non-martial conflict. Maybe I can get better at resolving those too.

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